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  • conspiratorially — adv. Conspiratorially is used with these verbs: ↑lean, ↑smile, ↑whisper, ↑wink …   Collocations dictionary

  • conspiratorially — conspire ► VERB 1) jointly make secret plans to commit a wrongful act. 2) (of circumstances) seem to be acting together in bringing about an unfortunate result. DERIVATIVES conspirator noun conspiratorial adjective conspiratorially adverb. ORIGIN …   English terms dictionary

  • conspiratorially — adverb see conspiratorial …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • conspiratorially — See conspiratorial. * * * …   Universalium

  • conspiratorially — adverb In a conspiratorial manner …   Wiktionary

  • conspiratorially — adv. in a plotting and scheming fashion …   English contemporary dictionary

  • conspiratorially — con·spir·a·to·ri·al·ly …   English syllables

  • conspiratorially — See: conspiratorial …   English dictionary

  • conspiratorial — [[t]kənspɪ̱rətɔ͟ːriəl[/t]] 1) ADJ GRADED: usu ADJ n If someone does something such as speak or smile in a conspiratorial way, they do it in a way that suggests they are sharing a secret with someone. His voice had sunk to a conspiratorial whisper …   English dictionary

  • conspiratorial — adjective Date: 1855 of, relating to, or suggestive of a conspiracy • conspiratorially adverb …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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